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Odin Token
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What is ODIN Platform?
Introduction to ODIN Platform

The ODIN platform is an ICO information portal and an all-in-one presale token marketplace for potential participants who wish to leverage the booming ICO industry. The platform provides interested clients exclusive information about major upcoming ICOs along with premium access to purchasing reserve tokens from these crowdsales. Additionally, ODIN aims to enable ICO participants make informed decisions by providing carefully researched and analyzed reviews of upcoming token sales along with details about their product specifications, whitepapers and planned timelines for implementation. Platform users will be able to browse news feeds and subscribe to a host of premium ICO information services.

Crypto Investment Made Easy

One-stop Marketplace – Perform a single KYC, check information and buy presale tokens – all in one place.

Managed by Experts

Expert Reviews – Comprehensive analyses done by experts will help you make the right decision.

Complete Investor Control

Premium Access – Subscribe to our platform and receive exclusive access to select pre-ICOs.

Minimal Fees Maximum Gains

News and Media – Project updates and crypto news. We have you covered.

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April 2017
  • • Conduct Market and Feasibility Analysis
  • • Perform Legal and Regulatory Status Checks
May 2017
  • • Analysis and Planning of Odin ICO
  • • Create Prototype of Odin Platform
July 2017
  • • Showcase and Develop Odin Prototype
  • • Start Odin v1.0 Development
June 2017
  • • Commence ICO and Smart Contract Development
September 2017
  • • Begin Development of Official Odin White Paper
December 2017
  • • Testing and Quality Control on ICO Website
  • • Marketing through Events and Campaigns
February 2018
  • • Complete Analysis and Development Plans for Odin Platform
  • • Commence Development for Odin v1.0 - ERC20 Wallet
  • • Start Acquisition of Business Partners for ICO Projects
January 2018
  • • Audit Ethereum Smart Contracts
  • • Review White Paper (English & Japanese)
March 2018
  • • Complete Development and Test for ERC20 Wallet
  • • Start Development of Odin Marketplace and Odin Media
  • • Complete Test and Security Audit of Odin ICO Website
April 2018
  • • Setup Odin ICO Support Infrastructure
  • • Launch Odin Website with White Paper
  • • Enable User Registration and Subscription to Odin ICO
  • • Begin Accepting Funds from Public for Odin ICO
June 2018
  • • Complete Development, Test and Integration of Odin Points and Subscriptions
May 2018
  • • Commence Development of Odin Points and Subscriptions
  • • Start Odin Platform Integration Testing
  • • Complete Integration of Marketplace and Media Portal with Odin Wallet
July 2018
  • • Complete Odin v1.0 Audit, Testing and Quality Control
  • • Begin Odin WMA Acceptance Testing for Odin v1.0
  • • Launch Odin v1.0
November 2018
  • • Post-launch Analysis, Support and Maintenance
  • • Complete Additional Platform Enhancements and Features
  • • Complete Testing and Quality Control for Odin v2.0
December 2018
  • • Launch Odin v2.0

ICO Structure


What is this ICO about?

The ODIN ICO aims to raise funds for the development of the ODIN platform, which is both a marketplace and information portal for other Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) and token sales. This ICO will distribute an initial supply of ODIN tokens to the public that can be purchased using the cryptocurrency ‘Ether’. Token holders will be able to spend their ODIN tokens to purchase presale tokens in the ODIN marketplace. They will also earn ODIN points for every token held within a certain period of time, which can be redeemed for a number of premium benefits that the platform offers.

Why ODIN token?

The increase in popularity of blockchain-based projects along with the increasing number of ICOs have created two major problems:

1. Missed opportunities for a number of viable token projects
2. Lack of access to verified, trusted ICO information in local and regional languages

ODIN token, along with the ODIN platform, aims to solve these issues by providing a one-stop solution for contributing to ICOs.

Token name

Odin Token

What does this token represent?

ODIN is a utility token that can be used to purchase other tokens of popular upcoming ICOs. Token holders will also earn reward points that can be used to redeem extra privileges in the ODIN platform.

Total supply on sale

130,000,000 tokens

Price per token



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